GPS Vehicle Tracker 003



  • Multi- Applications

  • Off Road Vehicles

  • Motorcycles

  • Big Rig Trailers

  • Aquatic Vessels


    Very Affordable 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker

    This one of the newest and talked about GPS trackers. This particular GPS tracker works on the 3G network which offers better signal and faster relay of information, to and from. In the event that the 3G signal is lost or unavailable, it will switch back to the standard 2G until it can pick up a better signal.

    The rugged exterior earned it the classification of being water resistant with a rating of IP67. Thanks to the rating, the GPS tracker can also be used in aquatic vessels without any problems.

    It includes sensors that can help detect abusive driving habits such as sudden acceleration and harsh braking. This feature has been welcomed by many who want to not only monitor their vehicles, but make sure they are not being abused.

    Accessories can also be mounted on to ensure proper monitoring of key components of the vehicle, such as an iButton for added security, fuel and temperature sensors.


    • Affordable GPS Tracker
    • Polygon Geo-Fences
    • 3G network
    • GPS Logging
    • Sudden Acceleration Alarm
    • Water Resistant IP67
    • Harsh Braking Alarm
    • S.O.S. Button


    • USB Cable
    • L wrench
    • CD Download card
    • iButton (optional)
    • Battery (optional)
    • A53 Fuel sensor (optional)
    • A52 Digital temperature (optional)
    GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    WCDMA 800/850/900/1900/2100
    GPS u-Blox 7
    GPS Sensitivity -165dB
    Dimension 80.5 X 60 X 23.5mm
    Weight 100g
    Power supply DC 11-36 V/1.5A
    Positioning Accuracy 2.5m
    Power consumption 65mA stand-by
    Temperature range -35°C ~ 80°C
    GSM Antenna External
    Water Resistant IP67 rating
    GPS Antenna Internal
    Memory 8MB
    Sensor 3-axis accelerometer
    Interface 2 digital inputs (input 1: negative trigger by default, but can be configured as positive trigger
    input 2: positive trigger, connected engine detection by default)
    1 analog detection input (0–30 V)
    1 output
    1 USB port
    1-Wire® iButton
    1-Wire® temperature sensor


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